Monday, October 18, 2010

Many-Splendored Quick Bread and Other Weekend Events

This weekend was filled with baking, cooking, and cake decorating events. First there was the Baked class on Friday which I already posted about. Then Saturday evening my husband and I went to an Alton Brown book signing. He did a question and answer for about 45 minutes and then signed books. Fortunately I had gotten a couple of tickets to the event earlier in the week because there was a huge line out the door for those who didn't. He was really nice and just as quirky as he seems in Good Eats.

Then Sunday afternoon I went to an intro class on gelatin flowers. It was a neat technique, but I don't know if it's something that I would do on my own for a cake. I think I prefer the look of gumpaste flowers. Plus, we used disco dust (aka non-toxic glitter) on these and I ended up with it all over me.

When I got home I was going to start dinner, but my husband wasn't hungry so I started the quick bread instead. That was the cake of the week for the HCB group though it isn't really a cake, but it was nice to have something quick to make. I started getting out all of the ingredients and then realized that I had thrown out the canola oil earlier in the week because it was expired so I did a quick trip to the store to get more. The only thing that really took much time was getting the ingredients together because I used the food processor to shred the carrot and zucchini.

Other than that the only part that took much time was toasted the walnuts and attempting to remove the skins. But, after the challenges of some of the other recipes that really wasn't a big deal. I baked it while cooking dinner, and I managed to convince myself to let it cool some before slicing it. The bread was very moist. I love the green and orange specks in it! It almost looks healthy.


  1. Love the picture of you and Daniel with AB!

  2. OMG. That's awesome! I *heart* Alton Brown. Too bad he doesn't visit these parts of the country... do you happen to have his earlier cookbook on baking? There's a recipe in there for a choc cake that I'd like to make but there isn't an amount specified for one of the ingredients (hot water). If you have the book, I'll email you the exact recipe and see if you can figure it out.

    Your class on gelatin flowers sounds very interesting. Can you tell us more about that?

    I will be meeting Chris Kimball from America's Test Kitchen tomorrow at a book signing event. I met him last year when I took a tour of the ATK kitchen. It was awesome!

    As for your bread, it looks wonderful. I too love the orange and green specks in the bread. It was a big hit at our house!

  3. Amy - Thanks!

    Hanaa - Yes, that's one of the books that I bought this weekend. I bought 3 of his books because that's the number he would sign. Plus, I need some reading material for the next couple weeks because I'm having foot surgery on Friday.

    I'll do another post with more details on the gelatin flowers tonight.

    Have fun meeting Chris Kimball again. That tour sounds like a lot of fun!

  4. Oh cool. I'll look up the recipe tonight and let you know which one I had trouble with (now I'm thinking, how many SW engineers does it take to figure out a choc cake recipe? haha).

    Good luck on your foot surgery this Friday. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Will you be off your feet for a long time?

  5. Sounds good. Yeah, you would think with a science/logical background we wouldn't have any problems figuring that out.

    Thanks! I'm supposed to be in a boot and on crutches for a little over 2 weeks (about 6 weeks before I can start running again). I'm hoping to bake the angel food cake on Thursday if nothing else comes up, but I might end up a little behind with the HCB group.

  6. those gelatin flowers look like stained glass, but i think i would also prefer gumpaste. i love alton brown--it would be fun to meet him! good luck on your surgery and great looking cake!

  7. ב''ה

    Neat flower! Cake looks nice too.

    Feel better. :(

  8. Couldn't find your email address in your profile so I'm posting it here. Look for Plain Ole Brownies on page 188. In my copy, there are no weight measurements for this recipe. The top part says:
    -1 1/4 cups cocoa powder
    -water, tk, boiling
    -2 cups butter, melted

    Then it says steep the cocoa in boiling water for 5 min. For the life of me, I can't figure out how much water to use. Let me know what you think.

  9. Love, love, love AB. He's the only tv chef I can get my hubby to watch. Your gelatin flour looks wonderful - I'm not familiar with that technique.

    Anyway, I find shaking my walnuts in a mesh strainer helps to remove a lot of the skin (more than rubbing with a kitchen towel).


  10. ECL - Yeah, they do look like stained glass. I think neat but not enough to invest in the tools right now. Thanks!

    Mendy - Thanks! I do have a hard time thinking of this as a cake though. My husband told me last night based on everything else I've made recently that he would have thought the bread would just be a component in some elaborate cake like the brioche in the pudding cakes.

    Hanaa - I'll try to look at my book this evening. I'll send you an email also so you have my email address.

  11. ButterYum - My husband originally wanted me to find someone else to go to the book signing with me, but he ended up really enjoying it. And, he doesn't really like watching most of the tv chefs either.

    I'll try to post some more this week about the gelatin flowers.

    Thanks for the tip on the walnuts. I'll give that a try next time.