Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cookies and Cream Cupcakes

My husband's birthday is coming up next week, and he was going to have friends over Friday evening to celebrate early. So, to make it a little more of a party I offered to make cupcakes. He told me he wanted the blender cupcakes with cookies and cream icing. Because I've made those before and wanted to turn it up a notch I decided to try putting half of an Oreo cookie at the bottom of the cupcake. I had seen that done in other people's blogs so I thought it would work well.

I started off by placing half an Oreo including the cream at the bottom of each of the cupcakes. If I do these again I will probably use Double Stuff Oreos instead. Then I mixed up the Emergency Blender cupcake recipe from the Weekend Baker and poured that over each of the Oreos and stuck them in the oven. Then I mixed up the Oreo frosting which I found on Cake Central. I added a little extra powdered sugar which may have sent the sweetness level over the edge a bit. My husband normally only complains about things not being sweet enough so I guess I wanted to make sure that didn't happen this time. After the cupcakes cooled I started frosting them. Only problem was I didn't use the food processor to break up the cookies and I ended up with some small chunks of cookie which kept getting stuck in the piping tip. After getting mad at it a few times I managed to get them all iced.

I tried getting a nice picture of the inside of the cupcake, but it was dark and my camera doesn't do well with close-ups. It's either that or I don't take good close-up pictures. Either way, it's a little blurry, but you can see the Oreo at the bottom of the cupcake. This cupcake's icing to cake ratio was a little high, but that's how my husband likes them. Amazingly after eating 2.5 of these yesterday he decided that he's had enough Oreo and would like something different for his actual birthday cake next week! Yay! I really wanted to try a different recipe!


  1. That choc cupcake recipe is one of my favorite recipes. I've made it numerous times. I'm a big fan of Abby Dodge actually. She sent me a copy of her latest book, Desserts 4 Today, that I will be doing a book review on pretty soon. I will let her know about your cupcakes. I'm sure she'd enjoy reading your post!

  2. Hanaa, very cool! I have her newest book on my list to buy. I'm planning on making her cinnamon rolls this week for my husband's birthday breakfast.

  3. The pear cake was enticing, looked and tasted delicious from your pictures. Kudos to your passion, nothing stopped from baking you a cake not event a sore leg.