Sunday, June 6, 2010

Flowers and Basketweave

I finally got to take Wilton Course 2 after having to postpone it for my foot surgery. The last class was this Thursday. The first two classes were spent learning new techniques rather than decorating cakes. In the first class we made a bird using a color flow technique, but I think most people ended up tossing their birds rather than putting them on the cakes. In the second class we made royal icing flowers. I didn't like some of the flowers I made in the class so I spent part of Memorial Day weekend making lots of new flowers. (My hand is still cramping up after that.)

Then in the last class we learned the basketweave which I had done before but on a much smaller scale in the cupcake and cookie classes. It certainly isn't hard, but it's pretty time consuming to cover the entire cake with it. We also learned the rope border and decorated our cake using the flowers that we made before. This was probably one of my favorite cakes that I've done so far. I took the cake to work the next day, and it was mostly gone pretty quick. People seemed afraid to cut the flowers though.

And, it was another scratch cake - Devil's Food Cake. That's probably my favorite chocolate cake recipe so far. The only issue was it was supposed to make 3 layers rather than just 2 which I realized as I was putting it in the oven so I pulled them out and made 6 cupcakes which Daniel took to work.


  1. The cake is so beautiful! I just love the flowers you made!!

  2. That tray full of flowers is an impressive amount of work! Nice cake, Andrea!!