Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chocolate Cupcakes

All last week I was in the mood to bake something. Finally Thursday evening after a trip to the gym, dinner, and walking dogs I decided I still had enough time to bake something quick. I gave Daniel the option of either the banana muffins or emergency blender cupcakes from the Weekend Baker cookbook. He said the cupcakes sounded intriguing. I was amazed at how easy they were to make and how few dishes they produced. I decided to make mini cupcakes, but I ended up with enough batter to make 3 regular size ones as well. I had some leftover chocolate icing frozen from a previous cake so I defrosted it overnight and then remixed it to make it smooth.
Daniel and I each ate one cupcake, and then I took the rest to work. I figured it would just be a nice Friday treat, and since I went with the mini ones I think people felt less guilty eating them. The texture and flavor of these cupcakes was great. I had lots of compliments on them and the icing. I need to figure out my recipe for that icing one of these days because it was actually a icing recipe that I had botched and then fixed, and it has ended up being one that I've received the most compliements.


  1. Wow, I will need to get this recipe because sometimes you just need some chocolate cake and it sounded like a easy recipe to put together. I have a mini-cupcake pan too. These look yummy!

  2. I use that cupcake recipe fairly often.

    Do you like banana? Make the supermoist banana muffins with chocolate chips instead of nuts. OMG!

  3. Amy, I love those muffins with the chocolate chips. I haven't even tried them with nuts yet.