Friday, September 24, 2010

Cookbook Reorg

I like collecting cookbooks, and my collection has grown quite a bit in the last year. When we built our house we had shelves built in on one side of our island. For a while they weren't even filled up. Then earlier this year they started to overflow, and I just started pushing them to the back until one day the weight of the books caused the top shelf to fall down bringing all of my cookbooks with it. So, then I moved the ones I don't use to a cabinet and started stacking them. That left my shelves looking nice:

Recently I've also started getting cake decorating books, but since I really didn't have a good place for them I just put them in the container in my pantry with all of my supplies. A couple weeks ago after signing up for a baking class taught by Nick Malgieri I thought it might be nice to try out some of his recipes from other cookbooks first. I went to Borders to get Perfect Light Desserts with a coupon and happened to find The Modern Baker for only $5.99 as well so that added two more to the mix. So, my pile in the cabinet was growing so I figured I needed a better place for them at some point.

I was in one of our spare bedrooms last week and realized there was a large corner shelf that was pretty close to the color of our cabinets not being used. It was one that my MIL stained so even though we didn't have a good place for it we didn't just get rid of it. So, today I finally decided to move it into the corner of the breakfast room, and I put all of my baking and cake decorating books on there. It works out perfectly because most of them are very pretty books anyway. Right now it's a little sparse, but I'm sure that will change.


  1. aha.. I feel your pain.. lucky for me, our rental home had this bar type thing off to the kitchen.. I quickly took it over as my kitchen library, and it's jam pack with my cookbooks.

    As well as my office space, above my computer, next to my computer, my nightstand, which right now has no less than 6 books that I'm marking as I go along.. and don't even get me started with the magazines.

    We need help!

  2. I hear ya! I think we all have that same problem. No wonder our spouses keep telling us to stop buying books :o) I'm a big fan of Nick Malgieri. His supernatural brownies recipe is heavenly. I won 2 blue ribbons with it at the State Fair baking contest. Anywho... How cool that you'll be taking one of his classes. Will you be blogging about it?

  3. Monica - So far I've managed to stay away from the cooking magazines.

    Hanaa - Yes, I will definitely be blogging about it. Hopefully I'll remember to take some pictures this time. I forgot to take pictures during the pie dough class I took last weekend so I didn't really have much to post about.

  4. I may not be seeing the spines for 'em, but it seems you still need to get:
    CookWise, Shirley O. Corriher
    I'm Just Here For More Food, Alton Brown
    On Food and Cooking: the Science and Lore Of the Kitchen, Harold McGee

    Food Geek type stuff. For baking, these are particularly indispensable.

  5. Steve, I don't have any of those books. I will have to look them up.