Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cake Balls

My mom and I took the cake balls class together this Wednesday evening at All in One Bake Shop and had a lot of fun learning how to make them. Here's my mom at the class:

They had four different mixes of cake and icing already made up for us but went over the technique for doing that. We started with rolling out our cake balls. Here are ours after rolling them:

Then we learned multiple techniques for covering them in chocolate. The easiest was definitely the hand method where you put chocolate on your hands (with gloves on) and then roll the cake ball around in the chocolate. That method is super fast, and you get some neat texture to the chocolate. If you don't care about having smooth cake balls that is probably the best one. If you want them smooth my next favorites were then toothpick and stick methods. With the toothpick method you put a toothpick in the cake ball and dip it in the chocolate, drop it on the cookie sheet, and cover the hole with a little chocolate. That method seemed okay until the cake balls warmed up and started falling apart. You use the stick method if you want to make cake pops which I really want to do. With that one you dip the stick in chocolate and then put it in the cake ball and let it drop before dipping the ball in chocolate. There were a few other methods, but these were my favorite. Here's some in progress cake balls:

It was really fun taking this class with my mom. We already have a project in mind for Christmas time to practice what we learned, and I have Bakerella's Cake Pops book on order now so we'll have lots of projects to try out. Here's my completed cake balls:

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