Tuesday, March 13, 2012

ABC - Emergency Blender Cupcakes

The recipe for the Avid Baker's Challenge for March was the Emergency Blender Cupcakes. I've made them two or three times before and really liked them, but I've never actually made this frosting. I did actually make them early this month, but I'm just now getting a chance to sit down and type up a blog post. My life with a baby is definitely much busier than my life pre-baby, and I was a busy person anyway. Fortunately life got a little less crazy a few weeks ago when we decided to stay in our current house. We had planned to sell and even got it ready, but then decided it just wasn't worth it. The great thing is I get to keep my kitchen that I absolutely love! Now that we're done with that and I'm figuring out how to do more things with my little helper Lucas I'm hoping to do more baking again.

These cupcakes are so easy to make. My only problem is when I've made them before I've tried to use my blender which is a piece of junk. I always end up wanting to get a new one, but this is the only thing I would use it for right now. So, this time I opted for the hand mixing method which was much easier. The cupcakes turned out perfect - moist and delicious! The frosting was good though a bit heavier than I really prefer, but it was nice to try something a little different than my normal buttercream.


  1. Glad to have you back baking with us, Andrea. You certainly haven't lost your (baking) touch. The cupcakes look beautiful. I'm sure your little man will be helping you with your baking in no time :o)

  2. Andrea,
    Your cupcake are beautiful!! Love your photos and yes..the plate too! I have a weakness for all things kitchen.

  3. a side note..I started my girls out baking young:

    Congrats and good luck in the kitchen!

  4. Your cupcake is beautiful, very pretty swirls! We love these cupcakes too, really moist and chocolaty! Great bake!

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