Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cradle Cake

This week's cake for the Heavenly Cake Bakers was the Cradle Cake. Some of the other bakers were really looking forward to it, but I never really saw what was drawing them to it until I tasted it. It doesn't really look that special, but it tastes amazing. I made the cake Thursday night because I knew I had other baking projects to do and wouldn't have time for everything on the weekend. Besides I'm still in between jobs so I have a little extra time to bake during the week. (I start my new job on February 7th. It was supposed to be tomorrow, but not all of the paperwork was done on time.)

The dacquoise came together pretty easy. It didn't really seem to want to spread up the sides of the pan that well so I had to mess with it again after I had the cake batter ready.

The cake batter was just a simple buttermilk cake recipe that was really quick to make.

After I spooned the batter inside the dacquoise I realized that my pan was actually 10 inches instead of 9 so I had to push some of the dacquoise back down towards the batter.

I was very glad this wasn't going to be the top of the cake because it looked pretty ugly when it came out of the oven with all of the cracks around the edge of the cake part.

The cake looked much better once I removed it from the pan, but it definitely needed something on top. I decided to go with the glaze because it was much quicker, and Daniel wanted some cake.

I didn't have enough patience to wait for the cake to completely cool before cutting it. I absolutely loved this cake. The cake is very tender with a sweet, crunchy crust. Daniel said this was probably his favorite cake so far.


  1. I like the way you drizzled the chocolate! I haven't looked forward to making it but after reading your post it seems less intimidating. I'll be sure and measure my loaf pan.

  2. Oh wow, you had such luck in your first tried.. I had a butt ugly cake the first time around (it was delicious) but awful to look at.. the second tried was perfect.. and just as good, if not better. I have to agree with Vicki I like the way you drizzle the chocolate on top!

  3. Yours came out great! Love the drizzle on top. I too loved the cake.

  4. Looks awesome!! Ok..i have to try this tonight!

  5. i also love your chocolate drizzle--so precise! the top of your cake looks much nicer than mine did (before i covered it up).

  6. This looks very good. Impressive drizzle. :0

  7. Absolutely beautiful - especially your drizzle. I love it!


  8. Thanks everyone! I used a piping bag for the drizzle so I could have a little more control over it.

  9. Your cake looks fabulous! Love the chocolate drizzle--looks really delicious!