Saturday, April 10, 2010

Recent Creations

Here's a quick look at some of the things that I've made over the past couple months.

Cakes from Wilton Course 1 at All in One Bakeshop:

Yes, I did make my own birthday cake because I wanted to practice my buttercream roses:

I took the Wilton Course 3 next because it was offered next and order didn't matter. We only did 2 cakes for this one, but the flowers from the first night were pretty cool as well. We learned how to work with fondant and how to make two tier cakes. It was a lot of work, but worth it when I got to see the finished product. It sure was hard to cut into the cake at the end.

In the middle of these classes I volunteered to bring cupcakes to work for the monthly birthday celebration (like I really needed to give myself something more to do):

And, last Saturday I took a cookie class and a cupcake class. It was fun, but it definitely seems like something that would be a lot of work to do on your own and more fun with a group. I sent most of these to work with Daniel:


  1. Your cookie bouquet and easter cupcakes are darling!!

  2. Everything looks so good! It's hard to believe you're just getting started at this!

  3. Thanks! Most of the techniques really aren't that hard once you learn them.

  4. The tiered cake is so cute. I like the colors. Maybe we could do cupcakes and/or cookies together if you want more practice and company. Those are my favorites.

  5. Adriana, that sounds like fun!